Calendar of Events

July 7th-Staff Meeting 10:00am
July 14th- District 7 6:00pm Roundtable Zoom Yearly Plan  9:30am 
July 17th- Double Tree Columbia  9:30am Dept COA; 12.00pm School of Instruction 

July 18th- Double Tree Columbia 9:00am School of Instruction
July 24- District 2 Post 641 SOI & Roundtable

     District 4 Post 6734 SOI 1PM

July 30th-Aug 3  Audits Due

July 31-Aug 3  National Convention

August 4th-7th MOC Supreme Scratch Kansas City, MO

August 7th -District 8 10:00am Post 3447 SOI 

August 18th-Staff Meeting 10:00am 

August 21st -District 9 11:00am Post 2779 SOI

August 28th -District 5 9:00am Post 5936 SOI

August 28th -District 7 10:00am Post 6444 SOI

August 31st-Bonds Due

September 3-5th-Sports Clips VFW 200 Darlington Raceway

September 8th-Staff Meeting 10:00am

September 11th-Patriots Day Event Department HQ

September 11th-12th-National Council Meeting

September 14th-VFW Auxiliary Birthday

September 17th-Department President's Birthday

September 18th-District 8 10:00am Roundtable Post 9539

September 19-22nd-Fall Legislative Conf & VOS Training

September 23-26th-Department Commander Visits

September 25th-District 9 Meeting 11:00am Post 10980

September 30th-District 4 Roundtable 7:00pm Zoom

October 1-3rd Grand Scratch

October 9th-HQ Joint COA

October 13th-District 7 Roundtable 6:00pm Zoom Programs

October 16th-District 2 Meeting 10:00am Roundtable Post 8738

October 16th-District 4 Meeting 1:00pm  Post 3354

October 20th-JointStaff Meeting 10:00am

October 23rd-District 8 Picnic 10:00am Post 9539

October 29-31st Eastern Conference

October 30th-HQ Trunk or Treat

October 30th-Audits Due

October 30-31st-Recruiting Drive Myrtle Beach Gun Show

November 3rd-Staff Mtg 10:00am Southern Conf Preparation

November 6th-HQ 10:00am Southern Conference Preparation 

November 9th-District 9 Roundtable Zoom 7:00pm

November 13-HQ District 1 TBA

November 14th-19th-Service Officer Training

November 18-21st-Southern Conference

November 22nd,24th and 25th HQ Closed

December 1st-Staff Meeting 10:00am

December 4th-District 5 9:00am Meeting Post 9138

December 7th-Pearl Harbor Day USS York Town

December 18th-Wreaths Across America

December 23rd-25th HQ Closed

January 7th-9th-Grand Scratch

January 11th-District 9 Roundtable Zoom 7:00pm

January 12th-Joint Staff Meeting 10:00am

January 13th-15th National President Visit

January 15th-District 2 Meeting Roundtable 10:00am Post 8346

January 15th-District 7 Meeting 10:00am Post 10804

January 20-23rd-Department Commanders Visits

January 29-February 3rd-Auxiliary Mid Winter Melbourne, FL

January 29th-District 9 Meeting 11:00am

January 30th-Audits Due

February 5th-District 1 TBA

February 5th-District 9 Meeting 11:00am Post 5877

February 5th-6th Recruiting Drive Myrtle Beach Gun Show

February 9th-Staff Meeting 10:00am

February 10th-District 4 Roundtable Zoom 7:00pm

February 16th-District 7 Roundtable Zoom Awards 6:00pm

February 17th-20th-State Conference Double Tree Columbia

February 26th-District 4 Meeting 1:00pm Post 6830

February 27th-March 2nd-Legislative Conf Washington DC

March 4th-Department Blood Drive HQ

March 5th-District 5 Meeting 9:00am Post 12136

March 5th-District 8 Roundtable 10:00am Post 3447

March 12th-Dept Commander's Homecoming Post 8760 12:00pm

March 16th-Staff Meeting 10:00

March 16th-District 7 Roundtable Zoom 6:00pm Membership

March 29th- Thank You Department HQ

April 1-3rd-Grand Scratch

April 6th-Staff Meeting 10:00am

April 9th-Joint COA 

April 23rd-District 2 Convention Roundtable 10:00am Post 4262

April 23rd-District 7 Convention 10:00am Post 10420

April 23rd-District 9 Convention 11:00am TBA

April 30th-District 8 Convention 10:00am Post 9539

April 30th-Audits Due

May 7th-District 5 Convention 9:00am Post 9138

May 7th-Auxiliary Judging HQ 10:00am

May 14th-District 4 Convention 1:00pm Post 9273

May 21st-District 1 TBA

May 25th-Staff Meeting 10:00am

June 10-12th-Grand Convention

June 16-19th-Department Convention

July 16-20th-National Convention Kansas City, MO